DXS Paintballs - FIELD
Field Protected paintballs designed with field friendly properties that breaks on target and suited for most weather conditions. Evironmentally friendly EcoFillTM combined with a paintball formulated for rugged play, foliage penetration, and rental markers these paintballs certainly lend themselves to a great day of play at the paintball park.
  • "DXS FIELD" printed balls
  • Reduced field impact for minimal discoloration of trees and bunkers
  • Works well with all rental markers
  • Formulated for rugged play and foliage penetration
  • Straight trajectory and visible marking
  • Suitable for most weather conditions and temperatures*.
  • Warning: Not recommended for extreme cold.
The OIL-FREE ECOFILLTM formula line of paintballs contains the first and most environmentally friendly patent-protected alternative fill. It is based on a natural, food-based vegetal ingredient that, unlike oil, is friendly to the phreatic and soil water zones, the soil itself, as well as the field, playing equipment and gear. This ingredient takes easy-clean no-staining to a new level. It is renewable, neutral with respect to the "greenhouse effect", neither toxic nor polluting, and biodegrades faster and completely.

Now, using our completely OIL-FREE ECOFILLTM line of DXS® paintballs, not only you can experience the best quality performance out there but also the added benefit of the most environmentally friendly paintballs in the industry. Our paintballs continue to shoot far away and straight and to break on target instead of in the gun, but you can now enjoy the extra field and equipment care and maintenance as well as the best easy-clean in the paintball world.

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