DXS Paintballs - Silver
DXS Silver is made for competitive paintball players to have a longer and straighter trajectory with an accurate and undeniable, maximum splash marking using DFT FUSETM. With pinpoint accuracy, an ultra bright fill, and maximum splat coverage on impact, these paintballs deliver uncompromised quality.
  • Metallic shell, in 2-tone colors
  • Competition based accuracy and breakability
  • Ultra bright fill for excellent marking
  • Excellent splat coverage upon impact
DXSTM paintballs with the proprietary DFT FUSETM ULTRA PERFORMANCE FORMULA, fused the legendary DRAXXUSTM FILL TECHNOLOGY with the aerodynamically consistent performance of the famous XBALLTM SHELL TECHNOLOGY, creating a full line of purpose-formulated, title-winning tournament paintballs.

A DXSTM paintball with DFT FUSETM technology is guaranteed to fly longer, straighter and to deliver an accurate, undeniable marking.

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