Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does paintball HURT?
    • This is an excellent question. It ranges from the least examples, which might not be felt or noticed at all, up to the worst examples which are similar to the "smarts" you might feel when your little brother used to snap you on the leg with a rolled up wet towel. Most people find that the combination of loose clothing, the protective gear, and the adrenaline surge from the pure fun of the game makes it a non-factor.

  • Does it condone / lead to violence?
    • Another excellent question. It's common, if someone has not yet tried playing Paintball Games, to notice the Paintball marker guns, and wonder about that. But actually, it's been found that quite the opposite is true. Participation in Paintball games tends to bring a tremendous feeling of stress relief.

      Many Corporations throughout North America and Europe use Paintball games as a team building exercise and stress relief outing. Also, playing Paintball tends to physically take a lot out of you. People leave exhausted, relieved, and generally quite thirsty and hungry, which is good for local restaurants and convenience stores. It tends to be as fatiguing as snowboarding or skiing.

  • Won't paintball bring a "bad element" into our neighborhoods?
    • The fact is, there are Paintball players in our neighborhoods NOW. According to the Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association, almost 8 million people in North America play Paintball.

      Statistically, the single biggest source of group bookings at Paintball Game Fields today is,… are you ready? CHURCH YOUTH GROUPS. Seriously.

      Paintball's popularity is growing at a rate faster than snowboarding. Today, it's very difficult to find people who have absolutely NEVER heard of it. Paintball players can be as young as 10 years old at most organized fields today. And where do youthful players come from? Our towns, our homes, our schools, our neighborhoods. It's played by about 80% boys and 20% girls. Regular kids, boy scouts, adults, and parents play.

  • Isn't paintball DANGEROUS?
    • Since the use of Safety Equipment is strictly and absolutely enforced, Paintball is statistically safer than badminton, golf, swimming and bowling. The commonest injury is the rare twisted ankle, or the occasional simple bumps and bruises,…

      In other words, the same minor things that kids may experience a few times in their childhood, when they're outdoors running around, playing hide and seek, or kick the can, or volleyball, baseball, badminton, or chasing the dog, or roller skating, etc.

  • Where are the paintballs made?
    • Procaps has a full purpose-built Research & Development, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance plant located just outside of the city core of Montreal Quebec Canada.

  • What is on the Warning Label on DXS Paintballs?
    • WARNING: These Paintballs are intended only for use in the sport of Paintball. Follow all rules for safe Paintball play. Goggles, facemasks, and ear protection designed specifically for use in Paintball games are mandatory at all times for all persons who are within Paintball marker range. Failure to follow the rules for safe Paintball play and the instructions and recommendations printed here may result in bodily injury including face, eye or ear injury, blindness or deafness. Do not shoot paintballs at a speed in excess of 300 fps (92 m/s). Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children and animals at all times. If ingested, in the event of any adverse symptoms, please consult a physician.

  • How do you Store DXS Paintballs?
    • STORAGE: Failure to follow these storage instructions may adversely affect performance and quality and increase the possibility of injury due to hardening of the outer shell. This package is designed to maintain full performance capabilities, and should be stored at temperatures between 50° to 86°F (10° to 30°C), with a relative humidity level of not more than 50%. Protect from freezing.

  • How do you Clean DXS Paintballs?
    • CLEANING: To avoid permanent marks, thoroughly wash all clothing and other marked items with soap and water as soon as possible. To avoid damage to finishes on cars, houses, furniture, etc, wash immediately with soap and water without delay.

  • How do you clean PAINTBALL FILL from Fabrics?
    • All brands and manufacturers of paintballs use the same general list if fill ingredients. These ingredients are not "paint" at all, but various colorants, etc., that are all listed by the FDA and typically classified as "G.R.A.S." (Generally Regarded as Safe).

      These ingredients are also used elsewhere in ordinary household products, including such examples as foods, cosmetics, and cough-and-cold remedies.

      To remove paintball fill from fabrics: The same common-sense procedures apply as those used to remove spills of other ordinary foods, jellies, beverages, etc.;
      • Cleaning results are most successful when performed immediately. As with every spill, the sooner it is removed, the better the expected results.
      • Plain water works in most circumstances, on most fabrics and materials.
      • Ordinary laundry detergent per the detergent manufacturer's recommendations will aid in tougher cases.
      • For more stubborn cases, you may consider using cold-water bleach, while diligently following the bleach manufacturer's guidance and instructions including testing to avoid discolorations.

  • What to do with Dimpled Paintballs - Causes and Solutions
    • Dimples in paintballs are a result of paint being chilled during shipping or storage. During colder seasons, all brands of paint are more subject to this effect, whether it occurs at a loading dock, in a transport truck, on a cold warehouse shelf. Often the chilling occurs in shipment between mail-order store to the player, in an un-heated Delivery truck, sometimes it happens in storage at a store or field. Every box of paintballs from every manufacturer includes a printed warning, "Do not expose to temperatures below 52 degrees or above 86 degrees"

      Sometimes dimples literally "go away" (or minimize) when exposed to normal room temperature air for a while (12-24 hours), and sometimes they require more humid air. Some players at Field-Paint-Only events put badly dimpled paint on the counter in the BATHROOM and run a hot shower for an hour or more, steaming the place up, and introducing enough moisture to reduce the dimples. If your paintballs have been chilled for too long, these "tricks" may not help your batch of paintballs as much.

      Fortunately, while dimples may be unattractive, they USUALLY don't create any other side effects, and SOMETIMES dimples can actually provide advantages in aerodynamics. Large amounts of money have been spent in an attempt to create a PERMANENTLY dimpled paintball, like a golf ball, since science has proven that a dimpled, spherical ball will theoretically fly better. Unfortunately, the elastic properties of the gelatin shell have thus far prohibited the making of a permanently dimpled shell.

      You'll probably find that your next batch of our product will be back to our normal high standards. Also, most stores will allow you to inspect Paintballs in person, before taking the product home. I hope some of these ideas help you with your game…

  • Buying Paintballs Online - Beware of Cold Weather
    • First off, we really appreciate the time you took to bring this to our attention. It means a lot, and we appreciate your feedback, your loyalty and your business.

      Regarding the delivery condition of the product, we have an extraordinarily strict and effective Quality Control department at our factory, and we have never released any product with the traits or conditions as you've described, so it makes me wonder what kinds of temperatures or conditions the paint boxes may have been exposed to during storage or shipping before they got to your house.

      One major drawback to buying paintballs online is that typical small-package freight companies, like UPS and others, do not offer temperature-protected service. But every box of paintballs in the world carries a warning that states, "Do not expose to temperatures below 52 degrees or above 86 degrees", and during winter and summer, practically every shipment of paintballs gets exposed to temperatures outside of those limits, which can ruin the paintball shell before it reaches your house.

      It helps to remember that paintballs are every bit as perishable as a sandwich or a salad, and let's face it, you'd never order a sandwich or a salad online, because you know it would be horrible by the time it reached you...

      The same thing applies to paintballs, so it's always best to try to find a nearby store or field where you can pick up your paint and check it, in person.

  • What are some Cold Weather Paintball Remedies?
    • During colder weather periods, UPS and other Delivery Companies provide NO Heated-Freight service, so buyers risk having their UPS paintball shipment over-chilled, at their OWN RISK, since a manufacturer obviously can't guarantee against a shipping company exposing a product to cold weather, or the detrimental results that cold air can inflict on the paintballs. Remember, every box of paintballs contains the printed warning, "Do not expose to temperatures below 52 degrees or above 86 degrees"

      If you order paintballs for UPS or other Home-Delivery Freight services during cold climes, paintballs will usually become dimpled, flat-spotted, and very fragile from the exposure to cold air during shipping, they can USUALLY return MANY of the affected cases to normal using these steps;

      1) Put the paint in a ROOM TEMPERATURE environment (70 degrees F) for between 12 and 24 hours. That will usually make chilled paintballs work fine, and will often remove most visual cues, i.e. dimples...

      2) If a better remedy is needed, open the bags, and carefully move the balls around in the bags by hand for a few moments to re-orient them in the bags, and expose them to a few more hours of room temperature air...

      3) In extreme cases, put the paint on the bathroom counter, run the shower HOT for 10 minutes, and during this time, carefully "stir" the balls a time or two by hand... this added humidity will absorb into the gelatin and sometimes restore performance...

      4) In the worst case scenario, if balls still under-perform due to exposure to cold, a week to a month of just sitting at room temperature will sometimes return them to normal.

  • Why does On-Site "FIELD PAINT" costs more?
    • Restaurants charge $25.00 for just 5 bucks worth of food... WHY?

      Because they have to pay all the Chefs, Waitresses, Busboys, Dishwashers, Rent, Gas, Electric, Water, Garbage, Maintenance, Insurance, Taxes, etc., etc... We Customers pay extra to enjoy the complete dining experience...

      Paintball Fields charge more for Field-Paint than Retail stores charge... WHY?

      Because they have to pay all the Refs, CO2 & Fill-staff, Grounds Staff, Counter staff, Rent, Utilities, Insurance, Taxes, Advertising, Props, Maintenance, Freight, etc… We Customers pay extra to enjoy the complete PAINTBALL experience ...

      THE MORAL:

      Retail Stores sell only "a box of paintballs"... … BUT… the FIELD sells a box of paintballs AND "a complete Paintball Adventure", including a forest (or field) full of armed competitors, ……

      PLUS Refs,
      PLUS all the needed gear,
      PLUS props,
      PLUS insurance
      PLUS support staff,
      PLUS the excellent real estate needed to create an UNFORGETTABLE PAINTBALL EXPERIENCE!!!

  • Do you have any Remedies for "Brittle" Paintballs?
    • Exposure to cold weather or very dry air can sometimes cause paintball shells to become "brittle" or fragile. Sometimes a short exposure to very cold or very dry air DURING SHIPPING or Storage is enough for "brittleness" or fragility to appear.

      If your paintballs seem too brittle, don 't panic.

      FIRST, be sure to eliminate OTHER possible causes:
      • Is your barrel TRULY CLEAN?
        • Swab or Squeegee any paint residue from your barrel
        • Use a Gelatin Build-up remover like ProTeam Products' "ProClean" to remove buit-up gelatin residue
        • Check for burrs, scratches or sharp snags in the breach & barrel that could cause breakage
      • Is your barrel Too Small?
        • Be sure the paintballs will "FIT" through the barrel.
        • Paintballs should be easily "blown" through the barrel, like blowing a pea through a pea-shooter (Be SURE not to Inhale!!!)
        • If the barrel is too small for the paintballs, you may need a larger barrel. Many barrel makers today make barrels of various inside-diameters for "sizing" to various different paint batches and brands. Most paintball brands today range between .680" to .692 ".
      • Is your velocity too high?
        • Using an electronic Chronograph in a Safe area, have the velocity of your marker tested to confirm that you are shooting at speeds within the Industry's safety guidelines of 280 feet-per-second or less. (Lower at some commercial game sites.)
        • Have your marker's velocity adjusted within this range.

      THEN, if you've ruled out the above possible causes for breakage in the marker, then your paintballs may have become brittle from exposure to cold or dry air during play, storage, or shipment.

    • First, store the paint in an ordinary room-temperature area for a day or two, (70 degrees F/21 degrees C) and the brittleness will usually vanish, and the product should perform as expected. If more is needed, move the balls around with your hand for a moment to re-orient them in the bags, and expose more of them to a few more hours of room temperature... exercise patience.

      Another remedy for reviving paintballs that have become brittle due to exposure to cold/dry air, is to expose them to some humidity, which gets "robbed away" during exposure to cold and/or dryness. You can do this by simply opening the bags and leaving them on the bathroom counter while a hot shower runs for 10 - 15 minutes, "stir" the balls a time or two... then reseal the bags and return them to room temperature until you're ready to play. This added humidity absorbs into the gelatin and usually restores performance completely.

      Worst case scenario, if balls still seem too brittle, somewhere between a week and a month of just sitting at room temperature will often return them to normal, as the moisture from the fill slowly "migrates" back into the shell, returning it's resiliency.

      This introduction of humidity will usually aid in removal of brittleness, and also it will generally ensure that there is enough moisture to make the shell resilient so it will work properly. Whether the brittleness disappears completely or not, after these steps, the product should perform as expected, if not better.

Goggle Systems

  • How do you re-glue a Foam on a VForce Goggle System?
    • VForce recommends using a 2-part epoxy to adhere a foam to a goggle system. Epoxies can be found and purchased at your local building and home renovation store.

      During the manufacturing process VForce uses the following industrial gluing systems: on both Soft Foam and Neoprene Foam, the Primer is Adhesif Adchem (5064), and the glue is Loctite (406)

  • I want to paint my VForce goggle, what do I use?
    • VForce cannot make recommendations regarding painting a goggle, as it will not be in the manner in which the strict safety testing was performed.

  • I want to modify my VForce goggle with "Soft Ears".
    • VForce cannot make recommendations about changing or modifying a goggle system, as it will not be in the manner in which the strict safety testing was performed.

  • I've heard that VForce replaces all masks for free
    • VForce holds a limited warranty. Should your system develop an issue, please contact our customer service department at and we will be pleased to discuss the issue and offer advice.

Performance Gear

  • I've heard that DXS will replace any pair of pants, gloves or jerseys for free
    • Performance Gear holds a limited warranty. Should your gear develop an issue, please contact our customer service department at and we will be pleased to discuss the issue and offer advice.

  • How do the pants fit?
    • Small fits 28 - 30 Waist
    • Medium fits 30 - 32 Waist
    • Large fits 32 - 34 Waist
    • X-Large fits 34 - 36 Waist
    • XX-Large fits 36 - 40 Waist


  • Do you sponsor teams?
    • Procaps enjoys their relationships with their dealers and also enjoys sharing the victory with DXS powered teams. Procaps works hard to help local fields and stores support teams through team assistance programs. Contact your local DXS dealer for more details.

  • What would I include in our team portfolio if we want to send our application directly to Procaps? Where do I send it?

      Please send your full team portfolio via email to

      Please include the following information: (These are guidelines, please construct a well thought out and concise sponsorship application)
      1. The team name
      2. Location and Home Field
      3. Captain's contact information
      4. Team history, media & tournament history
      5. A brief bio of each of the team members. Please include name, age, how they got into paintball & number of years playing
      6. Team's schedule, including training and event calendar
      7. Current sponsors
      8. Goals
      9. What your team requires from DXS
      10. Photographs or any other information you would like us to know about your team