Thursday, July 7, 2011


Both Procaps Direct and Procaps L.P. are happy to announce its partnership with West Coast Paintball Series (WCPS), WCPS was created not only with the intentions of providing the best tournament experience for the players, but to support charities and encourage player participation in community service projects. It is with these noble efforts that makes Procaps proud to partner with WCPS with pride, integrity, and performance.

"WCPS is a model paintball event series who believes in making good people even better. We couldn't be happier to be working with such a terrific group of people."

     - Brian Barno, General Manager, Procaps Direct.

"After shooting DXS Paintballs for over 13 years, it was an easy decision to partner with Procaps so that I could offer the players the best product available. With their unmatched support, this company knows what players and event promoters need to Control the Game."

     - Skyler Anderson, West Coast Paintball Series Promoter.

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Procaps® Paintball is the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of the winning paintball brand DXS® also known as DraXxuS®, the world's first environmentally friendly paintball using EcoFill™. Procaps® also produces VForce® Vision Systems, paintball masks players have come to love and trust for safety and maximum visibility, a vision for victory. Procaps LP and their recognized brand names (DXS®, VFORCE®) have been supplying the world for over 10 years with their award-winning DraXxus fill and XBall Shell technologies, now fused into the ultra-performance DXS Gold Hellfire, Silver and Bronze fill formula. With the introduction of the ECOFILL line of DXS paintballs, field owners and players can experience the best quality performance in the industry but also the added benefit of the most environmentally friendly paintballs in the world.

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