Paint & Storage Warnings


WARNING: These Paintballs are intended only for use in the sport of Paintball. Follow all rules for safe Paintball play. Goggles, facemasks, and ear protection designed specifically for use in Paintball games are mandatory at all times for all persons who are within Paintball marker range. Failure to follow the rules for safe Paintball play and the instructions and recommendations printed here may result in bodily injury including face, eye or ear injury, blindness or deafness. Do not shoot paintballs at a speed in excess of 300 fps (92 m/s). Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children and animals at all times. If ingested, in the event of any adverse symptoms, please consult a physician.

STORAGE: Failure to follow these storage instructions may adversely affect performance and quality and increase the possibility of injury due to hardening of the outer shell. This package is designed to maintain full performance capabilities, and should be stored at temperatures between 50° to 86°F (10° to 30°C), with a relative humidity level of not more than 50%. Protect from freezing.

CLEANING: To avoid permanent marks, thoroughly wash all clothing and other marked items with soap and water as soon as possible. To avoid damage to finishes on cars, houses, furniture, etc, wash immediately with soap and water without delay.